Short divalent ethacrynic amides as pro-inhibitors of glutathione S-transferase isozyme Mu and potent sensitisers of cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancers

Bangtian Xu, Tingting Tong, Xin Wang, Fang Liu, Xiang Zhang, Xiaolei Hu, Xinpeng Li, Xiaolan Yang & Fei Liao
The linking of ethacrynic acid with ethylenediamine and 1,4-butanediamine gave EDEA and BDEA, respectively, as membrane-permeable divalent pro-inhibitors of glutathione S-transferase (GST). Their divalent glutathione conjugates showed subnanomolar inhibition and divalence-binding to GSTmu (GSTM) (PDB: 5HWL) at ∼0.35 min−1. In cisplatin-resistant SK-OV-3, COC1, SGC7901 and A549 cells, GSTM activities probed by 15 nM BDEA or EDEA revealed 5-fold and 1.0-fold increases in cisplatin-resistant SK-OV-3 and COC1 cells, respectively, in comparison with the susceptible parental cells....
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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