Herpetofaunal diversity changes with climate: evidence from the Quaternary of McEachern’s Deathtrap Cave, southeastern Australia

Till Ramm, Kailah M. Thorn, Christy A. Hipsley, Johannes Müller, Scott Hocknull & Jane Melville
The Quaternary Period is characterized by dramatic global climatic changes. Quaternary fossil deposits, which can offer excellent stratigraphic resolution, provide a unique opportunity to understand how fauna respond to past environmental change. Here, we test if the herpetofauna of McEachern’s Deathtrap Cave, a late Pleistocene to Holocene pitfall trap deposit from Victoria, Australia, shows climate-related shifts in taxonomic relative abundance through time. During the last 14,000 years, southeastern Australia experienced pronounced periods of aridity, while...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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