Water-soluble chitosan and phytoremediation efficiency of two Brassica napus L. cultivars in cadmium-contaminated farmland soils

Jian-Lin Bian, Wei Cao, Jun-Mei Guo, Jun-Xing Yang, Xue-Dong Wang, Jie Wang, Jun Huang, Tian-Xiang Xia & Cun-Yan Xia
Pot and field trials were conducted to investigate Cd uptake and phytoremediation efficiency of two Brassica napus cultivars (QY-1 and SYH) with applied water-soluble chitosan (WSC, Pot: 0, 2% and 4%; Field: 0 and 10 g·m−2) grown in Cd-contaminated soils. The results from the pot and field trials generally showed that WSC treatments significantly increased Cd concentrations in shoot and root tissues by 33.77–159.71% (except for SYH/JY) and 7.42–168.71% of two B. napus cultivars compared...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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