Adipose tissue aging partially accounts for fat alterations in HIV lipodystrophy

Pere Domingo, Marta Giralt, Aleix Gavaldà-Navarro, Albert Blasco-Roset, Alejandro Delgado-Anglés, José Miguel Gallego-Escuredo, Maria Del Mar Gutiérrez, Maria Gracia Mateo, Rubén Cereijo, Joan Carles Domingo, Francesc Villarroya & Joan Villarroya
Lipodystrophy is a major disturbance in people living with HIV-1 (PLWH). Several systemic alterations in PLWH are reminiscent of those that occur in ageing. It is unknown whether the lipodystrophy in PLWH is the consequence of accelerated ageing in adipose tissue. We compared systemic and adipose tissue disturbances in PLWH with those in healthy elderly individuals (~80 y old). We observed similarly enhanced expression of inflammation-related genes and decreased autophagy in adipose tissues from elderly...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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