Establishment of a subcutaneous adipogenesis model and distinct roles of LKB1 regulation on adipocyte lipid accumulation in high-altitude Bos grunniens

Yongqi Yue, Yonglin Hua, Jing Zhang, Yu Guo, Dan Zhao, Wentao Huo, Yan Xiong, Fenfen Chen, Yaqiu Lin, Xianrong Xiong & Jian Li
The domestic yak was regarded as a valuable model to explore the molecular mechanism of high-altitude animal adaptation, including the extreme tolerance of starvation and cold stress, which is closely associated with specifically seasonal deposition and metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue. However, the key regulators for these processes remain largely unknown. Here, the yak adipogenesis model in vitro was established and liver kinase b1 (LKB1) was regarded as a key negative regulator involved in yak...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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