The use of multisource spatial data for determining the proliferation of stingless bees in Kenya

David Masereti Makori, Elfatih M. Abdel-Rahman, Nelly Ndungu, John Odindi, Onisimo Mutanga, Tobias Landmann, Henri E. Z. Tonnang & Nkoba Kiatoko
Stingless/meliponine bees are eusocial insects whose polylactic nature enables interaction with a wide variety of wild plants and crops that enhance pollination and, hence, support ecosystem services. However, their true potential regarding pollination services and honey production is yet to be fully recognized. Worldwide, there are over 800 species of meliponine bees, with over 20 species documented on the African continent. Out of these, only 12 species have been well documented in Kenya. Moreover, interest...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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