Conyza blinii responds to the changes of exogenous iron through auxin-terpenoids metabolism pathway

Ming Yang, Tianrun Zheng, Junyi Zhan, Maojia Wang, Wenjun Sun, Min Zhou, Zizhong Tang, TongLiang Bu, Qingfeng Li & Hui Chen
As an essential trace element, iron is a necessary micronutrient for most organisms. Conyza blinii (C. blinii) is a traditional Chinese medicine grown in Sichuan, China. We chose C. blinii as material to explore the way plants respond to iron. Our results showed that iron increased the content of endogenous auxin, glandular trichomes (GTs) density and the content of blinin, the characteristic diterpene in C. blinii. Most of the key enzymes in the blinin synthesis...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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