Utilization of far-red LED to minimize blue light hazard for dynamic semiconductor lighting

Jingxin Nie, Zhizhong Chen, Fei Jiao, Yifan Chen, Jinglin Zhan, Yiyong Chen, Zuojian Pan, Xiangning Kang, Yongzhi Wang, Qi Wang, Weimin Dang, Wentian Dong, Shuzhe Zhou, Xin Yu, Yuzhen Tong, Guoyi Zhang & Bo Shen
The blue light hazard (BLH) and luminous efficacy of a source (ηV) are associated with the photobiological safety and energy saving of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), respectively. In this study, we used genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize the BLH, ηV, and color rendering parameters of five-chip hybrid white LEDs. Based on the optimal results, we used five-chip LEDs to obtain the hybrid white light. Their peak wavelengths were 461.5 (blue), 523.9 (green), 588.2 (orange), 643.3 (red),...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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