Lamp1 mediates lipid transport, but is dispensable for autophagy in Drosophila

Norin Chaudhry, Margaux Sica, Satya Surabhi, David Sanchez Hernandez, Ana Mesquita, Adem Selimovic, Ayesha Riaz, Laury Lescat, Hua Bai, Gustavo C. MacIntosh & Andreas Jenny
The endolysosomal system not only is an integral part of the cellular catabolic machinery that processes and recycles nutrients for synthesis of biomaterials, but also acts as signaling hub to sense and coordinate the energy state of cells with growth and differentiation. Lysosomal dysfunction adversely influences vesicular transport-dependent macromolecular degradation and thus causes serious problems for human health. In mammalian cells, loss of the lysosome associated membrane proteins LAMP1 and LAMP2 strongly affects autophagy and...
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