New Model-Free Daily Inversion of NOx Emissions using TROPOMI (MCMFE-NOx): Deducing a See-Saw of Halved Well Regulated Sources and Doubled New Sources

Kai Qin, Jincheng Shi, Qin He, Weizhi Deng, Shuo Wang, Jian Liu & Jason Cohen
This dataset contains all of the data underlying the figures in the accompanying paper "70% Increase in Northwest China’s NOx Emissions Driven by Increases from New Sources and Simultaneous Reductions in Well-Regulated Sources". These are listed respectively as: fig2.mat fig3.mat fig4.mat fig5.mat fig6.mat All subplots are respectively given as fig2a, fig2b, etc.
The daily emissions dataset, and monthly a1, a2, and a3 datasets are respectively found in the file dailyresults.mat
Supplemental Figures S1-ii,...
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