Identification of HPCAL1 as a specific autophagy receptor involved in ferroptosis

Xin Chen, Xinxin Song, Jingbo Li, Ruoxi Zhang, Chunhua Yu, Zhuan Zhou, Jiao Liu, Siyan Liao, Daniel J. Klionsky, Guido Kroemer, Jinbao Liu, Daolin Tang & Rui Kang
Selective macroautophagy/autophagy maintains cellular homeostasis through the lysosomal degradation of specific cellular proteins or organelles. The pro-survival effect of selective autophagy has been well-characterized, but the mechanism by which it drives cell death is still poorly understood. Here, we use a quantitative proteomic approach to identify HPCAL1 (hippocalcin like 1) as a novel autophagy receptor for the selective degradation of CDH2 (cadherin 2) during ferroptosis. HPCAL1-dependent CDH2 depletion increases susceptibility to ferroptotic death by reducing...
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