Selective autophagic degradation of ACLY (ATP citrate lyase) maintains citrate homeostasis and promotes oocyte maturation

Hainan He, Junling Wang, Xingmei Mou, Xin Liu, Qiao Li, Mingyue Zhong, Bingbing Luo, Zhisheng Yu, Jingjing Zhang, Tian Xu, Chengli Dou, Danya Wu, Wei Qing, Linhui Wu, Kai Zhou, Zhengang Fan, Tingting Wang, Taotao Hu, Xia Zhang, Jilong Zhou & Yi-Liang Miao
Macroautophagy/autophagy is a cellular and energy homeostatic mechanism that contributes to maintain the number of primordial follicles, germ cell survival, and anti-ovarian aging. However, it remains unknown whether autophagy in granulosa cells affects oocyte maturation. Here, we show a clear tendency of reduced autophagy level in human granulosa cells from women of advanced maternal age, implying a potential negative correlation between autophagy levels and oocyte quality. We therefore established a co-culture system and show that...
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