Expression status and prognostic value of autophagy-related lncRNAs in prostate cancer

Guo Chen, Xiaoping Qin, Yu Wang, Biyun Gao, Muan Ling, Wenjun Yin, Yutong Li & Bin Pan
LncRNAs involve in the autophagy to regulate prostate cancer (PCA) initiation and progression. Therefore, it urges to explore more significant AR-lncRNAs in PCa. mRNA data and clinical information of PCa were achieved from TCGA database, and ARGs were obtained from the HADb. AR-lncRNAs were identified by correlation analysis of DE ARGs and lncRNAs. Univariate Cox regression, LASSO regression, and multivariate Cox regression were used to identify the prognostic AR-lncRNA signature and constructed a risk model....
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