Atg1-mediated Atg11 phosphorylation is required for selective autophagy by regulating its association with receptor proteins

Weijing Yao, Yixing Li, Yingcong Chen, Yuting Chen, Yu Xie, Miaojuan Ye, Ying Zhang, Xiangjun Chen, Xiaoyong Wu, Yuyao Feng, Zhi Hong, Yigang Wang, Wei Liu & Cong Yi
Atg11 is an adaptor protein required for the induction of selective autophagy via receptor binding. However, our understanding of the molecular mechanisms by which it regulates selective autophagy remains incomplete. Here, we show that Atg11 is phosphorylated by Atg1. Rapamycin treatment or starvation conditions induced slower electrophoretic mobility of Atg11 in an Atg1 kinase activity-dependent manner. Through in vitro kinase assays combined with mutagenesis, we determined that Atg1 phosphorylates S949, S1057, and S1064 residues in...
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