Additional file 2 of Gene expression profiles provide insights into the survival strategies in deep-sea mussel (Bathymodiolus platifrons) of different developmental stages

Junrou Huang, Peilin Huang, Jianguo Lu, Nengyou Wu, Genmei Lin, Xilin Zhang, Hong Cao, Wei Geng, Bin Zhai, Cuiling Xu & Zhilei Sun
Additional file 2: Table S1. Pairwise sequence identity and genetic distance of the concatenated dataset (atp6 + COI) between individuals used in the study and other B. spp. Table S2. Summary of transcriptome data before and after quality control. Table S3. Mapping rates. Table S4. Summary of unigenes and transcripts. Table S5. DEGs in the inter-individual comparision groups with the highest fold changes. Table S6. Annotations from each database. Table S7. Expression level matrix of...
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