UXT attenuates the CGAS-STING1 signaling by targeting STING1 for autophagic degradation

Mingyu Pan, Yue Yin, Tongyu Hu, Xinxia Wang, Tian Jia, Jing Sun, Quanyi Wang, Wei Meng, Juanjuan Zhu, Chunsun Dai, Haiyang Hu & Chen Wang
STING1 (stimulator of interferon response cGAMP interactor 1), the pivotal adaptor protein of CGAS (cyclic GMP-AMP synthase)-STING1 signaling, is critical for type I IFN production of innate immunity. However, excessive or prolonged activation of STING1 is associated with autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Thus, preventing STING1 from over-activation is important to maintain immune homeostasis. Here, we reported that UXT (ubiquitously expressed prefoldin like chaperone), a small chaperone-like protein, was essential to prevent the excessive activation of...
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