Systematic evidence on migrating and extractable food contact chemicals: Most chemicals detected in food contact materials are not listed for use

Birgit Geueke, Ksenia J. Groh, Maricel V. Maffini, Olwenn V. Martin, Justin M. Boucher, Yu-Ting Chiang, Frank Gwosdz, Phoenix Jieh, Christopher D. Kassotis, Paulina Łańska, John Peterson Myers, Alex Odermatt, Lindsey V. Parkinson, Verena N. Schreier, Vanessa Srebny, Lisa Zimmermann, Martin Scheringer & Jane Muncke
Food packaging is important for today’s globalized food system, but food contact materials (FCMs) can also be a source of hazardous chemicals migrating into foodstuffs. Assessing the impacts of FCMs on human health requires a comprehensive identification of the chemicals they contain, the food contact chemicals (FCCs). We systematically compiled the “database on migrating and extractable food contact chemicals” (FCCmigex) using information from 1210 studies. We found that to date 2881 FCCs have been detected,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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