Constructing new acid-activated anticancer peptide by attaching a desirable anionic binding partner peptide

Yun Zhang, Linlin Chang, Hexin Bao, Xiaoyan Wu, Hui Liu, Sanhu Gou, Jingying Zhang & Jingman Ni
Improving the cell selectivity of anticancer peptides (ACPs) is a major hurdle in their clinical utilisation. In this study, a new acid-activated ACP was designed by conjugating a cationic ACP LK to its anionic binding partner peptide (LEH) via a disulphide linker to trigger antitumor activity at acidic pH while masking its killing activity at normal pH. Three anionic binding peptides containing different numbers of glutamic acid (Glu) and histidine were engineered to obtain an...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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