Numerical investigation of asymmetric weld fusion geometry in laser welding of aluminium alloy with beam oscillation

Xi Chen, Nan Jiang, Meng Jiang, Yang Du, Shengchong Ma, Yuan Chen, Caiwang Tan, Zhenglong Lei, Sicong Zhao & Yanbin Chen
In this work, the asymmetric weld fusion geometry in oscillating laser beam welding (OLBW) of aluminium alloy was reported and investigated using a numerical approach. A multi-physics heat transfer and fluid flow model of OLBW was developed and validated with the corresponding experimental results. The weld fusion geometry, temperature fields, and fluid flow behaviours for four commonly used oscillation modes, line, circle, eight, and infinity, were calculated to analyse the origin of the asymmetric weld...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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