Transcriptome-wide identification of WRKY transcription factors and their expression profiles in response to methyl jasmonate in Platycodon grandiflorus

Jing Li, Hanwen Yu, Mengli Liu, Bowen Chen, Nan Dong, Xiangwei Chang, Jutao Wang, Shihai Xing, Huasheng Peng, Liangping Zha & Shuangying Gui
Platycodon grandiflorus, a perennial flowering plant widely distributed in China and South Korea, is an excellent resource for both food and medicine. The main active compounds of P. grandiflorus are triterpenoid saponins. WRKY transcription factors (TFs) are among the largest gene families in plants and play an important role in regulating plant terpenoid accumulation, physiological metabolism, and stress response. Numerous studies have been reported on other medicinal plants; however, little is known about WRKY genes...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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