Pancreatic cancer cell exosomes induce lipidomics changes in adipocytes

Shihua Wang, Meiqian Xu, Xian Xiao, Liping Wang, Zhao Sun, Mei Guan & Robert Chunhua Zhao
Increasing evidence has demonstrated the important roles of exosomes during pancreatic cancer development. However, the effects of pancreatic cancer exosomes (PC-exos) on adipocytes remain largely unknown. Here, we used mass-spectrometry-based lipidomics to identify lipids that were changed in adipocytes after exposure to PC-exos, and we found that triglyceride (TG) reduction was the most significant, which might be induced by increased lipolysis because the number of large lipid droplets increased while small ones decreased. Additionally, abdominal...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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