IL-17A deletion reduces sevoflurane-induced neurocognitive impairment in neonatal mice by inhibiting NF-κB signaling pathway

Qi Zhang, Yanan Li, Chunping Yin, Mingyang Gao, Jiaxu Yu, Junfei Guo, Xiaohui Xian, Zhiyong Hou & Qiujun Wang
We investigated the role of IL-17A in sevoflurane-inducedneurocognitive impairment in neonatal mice. Seventy-two wild-type (WT) and 42 IL-17A knockout (KO) neonatal mice were randomly divided into WT (n = 36), IL-17A−/− (n = 6), sevoflurane (Sev, n = 36), and IL-17A−/− + sevoflurane (IL-17A−/− + Sev, n = 36) groups. The latter two groups were given 3% sevoflurane for 2 h per day on postnatal days (P) 6–8. Behavioral experiments were performed on P30–36. At...
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