Optimization of the vancomycin administration regimen by clinical pharmacists based on a population pharmacokinetics model: a prospective interventional study

Haodi Lu, Lufen Duan, Yanxia Yu, Jingjing Li, Lu Shi, Sudong Xue, Qian Zhang, Qin Zhou, Chenqi Zhu, Erning Shang, Xinxin Yan & Lian Tang
In vancomycin treatment, the rates of correct blood sampling and initial trough concentrations within the target range are very low. Studies of interventions by clinical pharmacists based on population pharmacokinetics (PPK) models are limited. This study aimed to evaluate the intervention effect of clinical pharmacist-mediated optimization of the vancomycin administration regimen based on a PPK model. Retrospectively enrolled patients constituted the control group, and prospectively enrolled patients constituted the intervention group. The vancomycin administration regimen,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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