Nickel hyperaccumulation, elemental profiles and agromining potential of three species of Odontarrhena from the ultramafics of Western Iran

Mohammad Ghafoori, Mansour Shariati, Antony van der Ent & Alan J. M. Baker
The profiles of trace and major elements in three Odontarrhena species from the ultramafics of Western Iran (O. callichroa, O. penjwinensis and O. inflata) were evaluated to provide detailed information on their soil-plant relationships and potentials for agromining. The mean concentrations of Ni in leaf dry matter of these three species were 877, 3,270 and 2,720 mg kgāˆ’1, respectively. The mean concentrations of total soil Ni at sites Mazi Ban, Kamyaran and Ghala Ga were...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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