Anti-liver fibrosis effects of the total flavonoids of litchi semen on CCl4-induced liver fibrosis in rats associated with the upregulation of retinol metabolism

Jiongyi Yan, Yinyi Feng, Xuewan Fang, Xiaojuan Cui, Xing Xia, Fang Li, Weisheng Luo, Jianqin Liang, Jianfang Feng & Kai Yu
The litchi semen are traditional medications for treating liver fibrosis (LF) in China. The mechanism remains unclear. This study investigates the anti-liver fibrotic mechanism of the total flavonoids of litchi semen (TFL). Sprague-Dawley rats with carbon tetrachloride-induced LF were treated with TFL (50 and 100 mg/kg) for 4 weeks. The anti-liver fibrotic effects of TFL were evaluated and the underlying mechanisms were investigated via histopathological analysis, proteomic analysis and molecular biology technology. Significant anti-LF effects...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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