FROM-GLC Plus: toward near real-time and multi-resolution land cover mapping

Le Yu, Zhenrong Du, Runmin Dong, Juepeng Zheng, Ying Tu, Xin Chen, Pengyu Hao, Bo Zhong, Dailiang Peng, Jiyao Zhao, Xiyu Li, Jianyu Yang, Haohuan Fu, Guangwen Yang & Peng Gong
Global land cover has undergone extensive and rapid changes as a result of human activities and climate change. These changes have had a significant impact on biodiversity, the surface energy balance, and sustainable development. Global land cover data underpins research on the development of earth system models, resource management, and evaluation of the ecological environment. However, there are limitations in the classification detail, spatial resolution, and rapid change monitoring capability of global land cover change...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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