MOF-derived multi-interface carbon-based composites with enhanced polarization loss and efficient microwave absorption

Hongjiao Qu, Peng Zheng, Tao Wang, Xingyu Yu, Junjie Pan, Xiaoli Fan, Tengfei Zhang, Xin Sun & Jianping He
Metal-organic framework materials (MOFs) have been widely studied because of their adjustable composition and controllable structure in the field of microwave absorption (MA). Therein, Prussian blue analogs (PBA) have attracted the attention of researchers with ultra-high metal content. However, the attenuation ability of microwave for PBA-based composites is still unsatisfactory up to now. Therefore, the NiFe/CoFe@C composites were prepared by carbonizing polymetallic PBA (NiCoFe PBA) materials in this work, and the influence of different metal...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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