Multimolecular characteristics of cell-death related hub genes in human cancers: a comprehensive pan-cancer analysis

Dingtao Hu, Tingyu Zhang, Ziye Yan, Linlin Wang, Yuhua Wang, Nana Meng, Bizhi Tu, Ying Teng, Zhen Li, Xiaoqi Lou, Yu Lei, Xiaoshuang Ren, Yanfeng Zou & Fang Wang
Failure of the normal process of cell death pathways contributes to the defection of immune systems and the occurrence of cancers. The key genes, the multimolecular mechanisms, and the immune functions of these genes in pan-cancers remain unclear. Using online databases of The Cancer Genome Atlas, GEPIA2, TISIDB, HPA, Kaplan-Meier Plotter, PrognoScan, cBioPortal, GSCALite, TIMER, and Sangerbox, we identified the key genes from the six primary cell death-related pathways and performed a comprehensive analysis to...
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