ESR2 expression in subcutaneous adipose tissue is related to body fat distribution in women, and knockdown impairs preadipocyte differentiation

Fozia Ahmed, Susanne Hetty, Milica Vranic, Giovanni Fanni, Joel Kullberg, Maria João Pereira & Jan W Eriksson
Oestrogen receptor 2 (ESR2) expression has been shown to be higher in subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) from postmenopausal compared to premenopausal women. The functional significance of altered ESR2 expression is not fully known. This study investigates the role of ESR2 for adipose tissue lipid and glucose metabolism. SAT biopsies were obtained from 44 female subjects with or without T2D. Gene expression of ESR2 and markers of adipose function and metabolism was assessed. ESR2 knockdown was...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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