Global fractional urban changes at 1km under diverse SSP-RCP scenarios throughout 2100

Wanru He, Xuecao Li, Yuyu Zhou, guojiang yu, tengyun hu, yixuan wang, Jianxi Huang, tiecheng bai, Zhongchang Sun, xiaoping liu & Peng Gong
We developed a gridded global proportional urban extent dataset (2015-2100, 5-year interval) at 1km spatial resolution under various future development pathways. Unlike the commonly used binary (0-non-urban, 1-urban) urban products, this dataset provides the fractional information (i.e., ISA from 0 to 1) within each 1km pixel. Here, each .zip file represents one of eight scenarios, containing 17 GEOTIFF files (2015-2100, 5-year interval), which can be opened by ArcMap or QGIS. Questions about this dataset can...
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