Lead-Immobilization, transformation, and induced toxicity alleviation in sunflower using nanoscale Fe°/BC: Experimental insights with Mechanistic validations

Muhammad Rizwan Aslam, Muhammad Waris, Ihsan Muhammad, Maqbool Ahmed, Zahid Khan, Zobia Jabeen, Mohammad Yakoob Zehri, Muhammad Arsalan, Sidra Rehman, Abeer M. Alnasrawi, Jawaher Alkahtani, Mohamed S. Elshikh, Muhammad Rizwan, Shoaib Raza, Jinsong Deng & Adnan Raza Altaf
Lead (Pb) is a biologically non-essential element in the soil that brutally affects plants and other living organisms in soil; hence, its removal has become a worldwide concern. In this work, a multifunctional nanoscale zerovalent-iron assisted biochar (nFe°/BC) was used to minimize the Pb bioavailability in soil with aim of alleviating the Pb-induced toxicity in sunflower. Results revealed that nFe°/BC treatment had significantly improved plant growth (58%), chlorophyll contents (66%), intracellular permeability (60%), and ratio...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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