Assessing the potential of nutrient deficiency for enhancement of biodiesel production in algal resources

Maria Hasnain, Zainul Abideen, Saud Hashmi, Shagufta Naz & Neelma Munir
Depleting energy sources result in a growing interest in the conversion of microalgal biofuel to improve economic feasibility. Efficient and cost effective biomass conversion to biofuel demands an increase of carbohydrates and lipid accumulation in algal cells. In the present study, it is measured that concomitant nitrogen, phosphorous and, iron deficiency induces significant physiological and biochemical changes in microalgae Oedogonium sp., Ulothrix sp., Cladophora sp. and Spirogyra sp. by using Response surface methodology as the...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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