RNA-Seq and lipidomics reveal different adipogenic processes between bovine perirenal and intramuscular adipocytes

Xiaoyu Wang, Chengcheng Liang, Anning Li, Gong Cheng, Feng Long, Rajwali Khan, Jianfang Wang, Yu Zhang, Sen Wu, Yujuan Wang, Ju Qiu, Chugang Mei, Wucai Yang & Linsen Zan
Adipogenesis involves complex interactions between transcription and metabolic signalling. Exploration of the developmental characteristics of intramuscular adipocyte will provide targets for enhancing beef cattle marbling without increasing obesity. Few reports have compared bovine perirenal and intramuscular adipocyte transcriptomes using the combined analysis of transcriptomes and lipid metabolism to explore differences in adipogenic characteristics. We identified perirenal preadipocytes (PRA) and intramuscular preadipocytes (IMA) in Qinchuan cattle. We found that IMA were highly prolific in the early...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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