Nitric oxide generated by Piriformospora indica-induced nitrate reductase promotes tobacco growth by regulating root architecture and ammonium and nitrate transporter gene expression

Han Li, Shenghua Fu, Jingwei Zhu, Weichang Gao, Lin Chen, Xiang Li, Shaoyu Zhang, Sha Zheng, Heng Zhang & Yanxia Liu
Nitric oxide (NO) is involved not only in the regulation of plant growth, development, and stress responses but also in the regulation of plant-microbe interactions. Here, we demonstrate that Piriformospora indica can induce tobacco nitrate reductase to produce a NO signal in roots which enhances nitrogen uptake capacity by inducing the expression of ammonium and nitrate transporter genes and the development of lateral root and root hair, thereby promoting tobacco growth. In addition, the NO...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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