Adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) for radiation-induced reproductive effects in environmental species: state of science and identification of a consensus AOP network

Knut Erik Tollefsen, Frédéric Alonzo, Nicholas A. Beresford, Dag Anders Brede, Elizabeth Dufourcq-Sekatcheff, Rodolphe Gilbin, Nele Horemans, Selma Hurem, Patrick Laloi, Erica Maremonti, Deborah Oughton, Olivier Simon, You Song, Michael D. Wood, Li Xie & Sandrine Frelon
Reproductive effects of ionizing radiation in organisms have been observed under laboratory and field conditions. Such assessments often rely on associations between exposure and effects, and thus lacking a detailed mechanistic understanding of causality between effects occurring at different levels of biological organization. The Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP), a conceptual knowledge framework to capture, organize, evaluate and visualize the scientific knowledge of relevant toxicological effects, has the potential to evaluate the causal relationships between molecular,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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