Anti-cancer and immunomodulatory evaluation of new nicotinamide derivatives as potential VEGFR-2 inhibitors and apoptosis inducers: in vitro and in silico studies

Reda G. Yousef, Alaa Elwan, Ibraheem M. M. Gobaara, Ahmed B. M. Mehany, Wagdy M. Eldehna, Souad A. El-Metwally, Bshra A. Alsfouk, Eslam B. Elkaeed, Ahmed M. Metwaly & Ibrahim H. Eissa
New nicotinamide derivatives 6, 7, 10, and 11 were designed and synthesised based on the essential features of the VEGFR-2 inhibitors. Compound 10 revealed the highest anti-proliferative activities with IC50 values of 15.4 and 9.8 µM against HCT-116 and HepG2, respectively compared to sorafenib (IC50 = 9.30 and 7.40 µM). Compound 7 owned promising cytotoxic activities with IC50 values of 15.7 and 15.5 µM against the same cell lines, respectively. Subsequently, the VEGFR-2 inhibitory activities...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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