Additional file 16 of Modulation of macrophage inflammatory function through selective inhibition of the epigenetic reader protein SP140

Mohammed Ghiboub, Jan Koster, Peter D. Craggs, Andrew Y. F. Li Yim, Anthony Shillings, Sue Hutchinson, Ryan P. Bingham, Kelly Gatfield, Ishtu L. Hageman, Gang Yao, Heather P. O’Keefe, Aaron Coffin, Amish Patel, Lisa A. Sloan, Darren J. Mitchell, Thomas G. Hayhow, Laurent Lunven, Robert J. Watson, Christopher E. Blunt, Lee A. Harrison, Gordon Bruton, Umesh Kumar, Natalie Hamer, John R. Spaull, Danny A. Zwijnenburg … & Wouter J. de Jonge
Additional file 16. The discovery and the synthesis of GSK761, GSK064, GSK675 and GSK306.
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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