NLRC5 restricts dengue virus infection by promoting the autophagic degradation of viral NS3 through E3 ligase CUL2 (cullin 2)

Jiawei Hao, Jinqian Li, Zhenzhen Zhang, Yang Yang, Qing Zhou, Tiantian Wu, Tongling Chen, Zhongdao Wu, Ping Zhang, Jun Cui & Yi-Ping Li
NLRC5 has been reported to be involved in antiviral immunity; however, the underlying mechanism remains poorly understood. Here, we investigated the functional role of NLRC5 in the infection of a flavivirus, dengue virus (DENV). We found that the expression of NLRC5 was strongly induced by virus infection and IFNB or IFNG stimulation in different cell lines. Overexpression of NLRC5 remarkably suppressed DENV infection, whereas knockout of NLRC5 led to a significant increase in DENV infection....
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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