Additional file 3 of Integrated genomic analysis reveals actionable targets in pediatric spinal cord low-grade gliomas

Adela Misove, Ales Vicha, Petr Broz, Katerina Vanova, David Sumerauer, Lucie Stolova, Lucie Sramkova, Miroslav Koblizek, Josef Zamecnik, Martin Kyncl, Zuzana Holubova, Petr Liby, Jakub Taborsky, Vladimir Benes, Ivana Pernikova, David T. W. Jones, Martin Sill, Terezia Stancokova, Lenka Krskova & Michal Zapotocky
Additional file 3: Fig. S1. A total number of pediatric intracranial LGG patients with known genetic alteration is dividedby anatomical location. Importantly, KIAA1549:BRAF ex9:ex10 variant fusion was detected solely in the upperspine.
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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