Diverse early diagenetic processes of ferromanganese nodules from the eastern Pacific Ocean: evidence from mineralogy and in-situ geochemistry

Rong Su, Fengyue Sun, Xiaohu Li, Fengyou Chu, Guosheng Sun, Jie Li, Hao Wang, Zhenggang Li, Cong Zhang, Weiyan Zhang, Xiaohan Gong & Yanhui Dong
Ferromanganese nodules are a potential energy resource because of their high contents of economically interesting elements (i.e. Mn, Ni, Cu, and Zn). These are higher in diagenetic layers than in hydrogenetic layers. The study of the causes of elemental accumulation in the diagenetic layer is useful for the exploration metal-rich nodules. A diagenetic-dominant ferromanganese nodule, from the central Clarion–Clipperton Fracture Zone of the eastern Pacific Ocean was studied from core to rim. It was divided...
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