Additional file 1 of The effect of high-polyphenol Mediterranean diet on visceral adiposity: the DIRECT PLUS randomized controlled trial

Hila Zelicha, Nora Kloting, Alon Kaplan, Anat Yaskolka Meir, Ehud Rinott, Gal Tsaban, Yoash Chassidim, Matthias Bluher, Uta Ceglarek, Berend Isermann, Michael Stumvoll, Rita Nana Quayson, Martin von Bergen, Beatrice Engelmann, Ulrike E. Rolle-Kampczyk, Sven-Bastiaan Haange, Kieran M. Tuohy, Camilla Diotallevi, Ilan Shelef, Frank B. Hu, Meir J. Stampfer & Iris Shai
Additional file 1: S1. Adherence to the intervention. S2. Sensitivity analysis. S3. Inclusion and Exclusion criteria. S4. Physical activity recommendations protocol. S5. Polyphenol-rich foods, provided at no cost to participants. S6. Magnetic resonance imaging. S7. Clinical parameters, laboratory methodology, and blood and urine polyphenols assessments. S8. Sample size and power calculations. Fig. S1. DIRECT PLUS flow chart. Fig. S2. Heatmap of abdominal adipose depots and metabolic and cardiovascular parameters at baseline. Fig. S3. The effect...
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