Additional file 2 of African-specific alleles modify risk for asthma at the 17q12-q21 locus in African Americans

Charles Washington, Matthew Dapas, Arjun Biddanda, Kevin M. Magnaye, Ivy Aneas, Britney A. Helling, Brooke Szczesny, Meher Preethi Boorgula, Margaret A. Taub, Eimear Kenny, Rasika A. Mathias, Kathleen C. Barnes, Gurjit K. Khurana Hershey, Carolyn M. Kercsmar, Jessica D. Gereige, Melanie Makhija, Rebecca S. Gruchalla, Michelle A. Gill, Andrew H. Liu, Deepa Rastogi, William Busse, Peter J. Gergen, Cynthia M. Visness, Diane R. Gold, Tina Hartert … & Carole Ober
Additional file 2. Region-wide eQTL results in airway epithelial cells from 189 African American children in the URECA cohort.
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