Additional file 1 of Item response theory and differential test functioning analysis of the HBSC-Symptom-Checklist across 46 countries

Andreas Heinz, Philipp E. Sischka, Carolina Catunda, Alina Cosma, Irene García-Moya, Nelli Lyyra, Anne Kaman, Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer & William Pickett
Additional file 1: Table A1. Sample size,percent females, mean, and standard deviation of age. Table A2. Distribution of the HBSC-SCL items (1-4). Table A3. Distribution of the HBSC-SCLitems (5-8). Table A4. Goodness offit statistics for the bifactor GRM. Table A5. Bifactor statistical indices. Table A6. Multigroup Model Fit. Table A7.Monte Carlo simulation results: Mean parameter stability. Figure A1. HBSC-SCL bar charts. Figure A2. HBSC-SCL polychoric correlations. Figure A3. Test for local dependency of the unidimensional...
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