Additional file 1 of The prognostic value of early measures of the ventilatory ratio in the ARDS ROSE trial

Ana Carolina Costa Monteiro, Sitaram Vangala, Katherine D. Wick, Kevin L. Delucchi, Emily R. Siegel, B. Taylor Thompson, Kathleen D. Liu, Anil Sapru, Pratik Sinha & Michael A. Matthay
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Kaplan–Meier survival curves for patients with VR equal to or below 2 versus those with VR above 2. The outcome measured was 90-day survival. Left, 90-day survival for baseline VR values (n = 874, p = NS, log-rank test), Right, 90-day survival for day 1 VR. Values (n = 808, p < 0.01, log-rank test). Table S1. Interaction term analysis, baseline VR (n = 790).
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