Additional file 8 of miR-146a-5p-modified hUCMSC-derived exosomes facilitate spinal cord function recovery by targeting neurotoxic astrocytes

Xunwei Lai, Yang Wang, Xiaokang wang, Bin Liu & Limin Rong
Additional file 8. The other 4 abundant miRNAs mimics’ effects on mRNA expression of neurotoxic astrocyte markers. Quantitative analysis of mRNA expression of C3 and Lcn2 in astrocytes, neurotoxic astrocytes and neurotoxic astrocytes treated with 50 nM mimics of miR-21-5p(a), miR-22-3p(b), miR-24-3p(c), miR-26a-5p(d) by RT-QPCR. Data above are represented as mean ± SD. *, p < 0.05; **, p < 0.01; #, p>0.05. C3 complement c3, Lcn2 lipocalin-2.
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