Additional file 1 of Boosting cisplatin chemotherapy by nanomotor-enhanced tumor penetration and DNA adducts formation

Lihua Xu, Kaixiang Zhang, Xing Ma, Yingying Li, Yajie Jin, Chenglin Liang, Yong Wang, Wendi Duan, Hongling Zhang, Zhenzhong Zhang, Jinjin Shi, Junjie Liu, Yunlong Wang & Wentao Li
Additional file 1: Figure S1. DLS analysis of F68@TA prepared by different mass ratio of F68 and TA. (n=3). Figure S2. TEM images of F68@TA@Ag NPs prepared with different content of AgNO3. Figure S3. (A) Size distributions and (B) zeta potentials of F68@TA, F68@TA/CDDP, and AINR solutions. Figure S4. Tyndall Effects of F68@TA/CDDP solution at different pHs for 1 h. Figure S5. DLS analysis of F68@TA/CDDP treated with PBS at different pHs for 48 h....
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