Additional file 3 of Microscopic marine invertebrates are reservoirs for cryptic and diverse protists and fungi

Corey C. Holt, Vittorio Boscaro, Niels W. L. Van Steenkiste, Maria Herranz, Varsha Mathur, Nicholas A. T. Irwin, Gracy Buckholtz, Brian S. Leander & Patrick J. Keeling
Additional file 3: Supplementary Figure 2. Ciliophora phylogeny with sequence labels and UltraFast bootstrap support values. Maximum-likelihood phylogeny of all Ciliophora ASVs, reference sequences, and BLAST hits using the GTR+F+R7 substitution model. Individual ASVs indicated by bold tip labels and white rectangles in grey ring. Accompanying dots reflect presence in each host phylum (coloured accordingly).
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