Additional file 1 of A genetic map of the chromatin regulators to drug response in cancer cells

Bo Chen, Pengfei Li, Mingyue Liu, Kaidong Liu, Min Zou, Yiding Geng, Shuping Zhuang, Huanhuan Xu, Linzhu Wang, Tingting Chen, Yawei Li, Zhangxiang Zhao, Lishuang Qi & Yunyan Gu
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Lung cancer cell lines with RB1 mutations are resistant to CDK4/6 inhibitor, Fig. S2. Sensitive biomarkers interacted with CHEK1 in large intestine cancer cell lines, Fig. S3. Resistant biomarkers interacted with CHEK1 in lung cancer cell lines, Fig. S4. Functional analysis of the CRs genetic interaction, Fig. S5. Differential chromatin accessibility for CSL interactions, Fig. S6. Differential chromatin accessibility for CSV interactions, Fig. S7. TUBA1C subnetwork in drug related CSL...
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