Additional file 1 of Identification of antiparasitic drug targets using a multi-omics workflow in the acanthocephalan model

Hanno Schmidt, Katharina Mauer, Manuel Glaser, Bahram Sayyaf Dezfuli, Sören Lukas Hellmann, Ana Lúcia Silva Gomes, Falk Butter, Rebecca C. Wade, Thomas Hankeln & Holger Herlyn
Additional file 1: Supplementary Note S1. Assembly of Neoechinorhynchus buttnerae draft genome. Supplementary Note S2. Assembly of Neoechinorhynchus agilis draft genome. Supplementary Table S1. Transcript abundance differences of candidates. Supplementary Table S2. Amino acid composition of candidate target proteins. Supplementary Table S3. Properties of target proteins. Supplementary Table S4. PFAM motifs of target proteins. Supplementary Table S5. 3D structure prediction of target proteins. Supplementary Table S6. Virtual ligand screening results. Supplementary Table S7. Bacterial genome...
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