Additional file 2 of A standardized nomenclature for mammalian histone genes

Ruth L. Seal, Paul Denny, Elspeth A. Bruford, Anna K. Gribkova, David Landsman, William F. Marzluff, Monica McAndrews, Anna R. Panchenko, Alexey K. Shaytan & Paul B. Talbert
Additional file 2. List of human histone proteins from the Histone Sequence Database for every histone gene, the available set of transcript and coding sequence GENCODE annotations were obtained from the Ensembl 105 database. Next, only protein-coding transcripts identical between Ensembl automated annotation and HAVANA manual curation were retained. In those cases where several transcripts of one gene correspond to the same amino acid protein sequence, only one record was retained with preference given to...
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